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where do these white dads come from

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irish is such a shady language because hello is “dia duit” but directly translated it means “god be with you” and when someone says hello back they say “dia is muire duit” which means “god and mary be with you” .. its like “i see your god and i raise you the holy virgin whatcha gonna do bout it bitch”

irish isnt a language…

Ith mo thóin



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all right IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!!!! the halloween line of pokemon merch is up for pre-order!!!! to pre-order, follow the instructions on this document and send payment via paypal! prices do not include shipping. there will be an additional shipping charge posted in the #vss shipping tag once your items are all packed up.

as usual some items do not have promo images. there may be other items yet to be announced as well!

  1. Large Gourgeist Plush: $37/22.40 GBP
  2. Guitar Pikachu Plush: $18/11 GBP
  3. Maraca Dedennne Plush: $18/11 GBP
  4. Pumpkaboo Mascot Plush: $13/8 GBP
  5. LED Pumpkaboo Light: $43/26 GBP (not pictured)
  6. Spooky Party Soft iPhone 5/5s Case: $25/15.10 GBP
  7. Pumpkaboo Silicone iPhone 5/5s Case: $30/18.20 GBP
  8. B6 Double-Ring Notebook: $11/6.70 GBP
  9. Ballpoint Pen: $10/6.05 GBP
  10. Sticky Note Set: $11/6.70 GBP (not pictured)
  11. Plastic Stickers: $9/5.50 GBP (not pictured) 
  12. Memo Pad: $10/6.05 GBP
  13. A4 Clipboard: $15/9.10 GBP
  14. A4 Clearfile: $9/5.50 GBP (not pictured)
  15. Pumpkaboo, Pikachu, Dedenne Metal Charm Set:$10/6.05 GBP
  16. (S / M / L) Spooky Party T-shirt: $32/19.50 GBP
  17. Lidded Mug: $19/11.50 GBP
  18. Flat Pouch: $15/9.10 GBP(not pictured)
  19. Microfiber Towel: $11/6.70 GBP
  20. Rubber Strap Collection (RANDOM! YOU CAN’T REQUEST A CERTAIN POKEMON): $10/6.05 GBP
  21. Pikachu Hoodie: Kids Size: $51/30.80 GBP - Adult Size: $62/37.50 GBP

one more note: we CAN still pick up many items from our previous vss pokecen posts, so please ask if you missed out on something like the growlithe petit plush, furret pokemon time plush, sylveon pokedoll, or espurr pokepuff plush… those are all re-stocked and available!

signal boosts appreciated. please do not delete my promo text.

*whispers* oh no. *watches paycheck slip into the abyss*

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I got my adorable budgie pouch from here. Eriko from Japan is a sweetness with a shop full of adorbs. 

Shipping isn’t too bad. It gets here surprisingly quick and not TOO horrible of a price. Japan has the cutest birdy things.

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